Ranchos de Ontiveros tells a real story about the durability of truth, the people, and the earth itself. After seven generations, we're still farming and ranching right here on the same land in California's Santa Maria Valley. Our small lot, estate wines reflect the terroir and offer a true expression of this place.


The Story

Nine generations after our arrival in California, on the same land that our family once called home, we are proud to grow and make wines that are complex as the story of how they came to be.

Ranchos de Ontiveros is a culmination of wines expressing the unique climate, soil, and capability of the Santa Maria Valley. It's not always pretty, and it's seldom romantic. But it is, first and foremost, real.

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The Land

Both of our estate vineyards, Rancho Viñedo and Rancho Ontiveros, have a history as complex as the wines we make. Our Old-World inspired wines are, are their core, as much a reflection of the terroir and site as the mindful human effort focused purely on wine quality. Our wines are uniquely a product of these estate vineyards, farmed by us.

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The Club

Ranchos de Ontiveros is, first and foremost, real. We’re still farming and ranching right here in the Santa Maria Valley—where our family’s dream began nearly two centuries ago. If you’ve liked what you’ve tasted, seen, heard or experienced, we’d love for you to join our club to get access to our limited releases and events.

The Wines