New Release: 2013 Native9 Pinot Noir

February 27, 2017

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We are pleased to announce the recent release of the 2013 Native9 Pinot Noir.

Sourced exclusively from all 8 clones from two select blocks of our Rancho Ontiveros Vineyard in the Santa Maria Valley, the 2013 Pinot Noir is the third in a string of California vintages that paired high quality with strong yields. A bit riper than the 2012, the 2013 had a harvest brix ranging from 23.9-24.4. As usual, it’s 100% whole cluster fermented. Due to the riper nature of this wine, we extended the barrel age to almost three years. With more of a high gloss than a matte finish, and leaning towards darker fruit rather than red fruit, the 2013 Pinot Noir has freshness and acidity paired with the plush mouthfeel usually associated with bigger, higher alcohol wines.

2013 was a special year for James:

“Although more than a decade had passed since my first vintage of Native9, 2013 was the vintage of firsts. It marked my first year of being self-employed, but more importantly, it marked the year Zane Rey and Lauren Grace Ontiveros were born. Kristen and I welcomed them into our lives and world, carefully timed just after harvest on November 13th, 2013. This vintage represents my first year as a father who can now share his passion for the land with his own children, as I believe the impact of an amazing piece of land is brought about by the human element—the people and their efforts. I invite you to enjoy the greatest year of my career, and celebrate vintage 2013.”

—James Rey Ontiveros (Generation 9)




PRICE: $64 – Buy Now

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2013 Native9 Pinot Noir

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